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Manufacturer: ANBTEK

The ANBTEK TS30 serves as a basic GSM/GPS tracking terminal designed for straightforward fleet management applications. It’s well-suited for cars, trucks, trailers, or heavy machinery with a power system ranging from 9-36V DC.

Key Features of ANBTEK TS30:

  1. TS30 GSM/CDMA Module:
    • Equipped with FIBOCOM G610/Huawei MC-323 modules for reliable connectivity.
    • Supports GSM frequencies of 850/900/1800/1900MHz and CDMA.
  2. GPS Receiver:
    • Utilizes Ublox 6M for accurate location tracking, with an accuracy of 1-3 meters in moving and open environments.
  3. MCU Processor:
    • Employs an ARM7 STM103FRBT6 processor for efficient data processing.
  4. TS30 Internal Memory:
    • Features 4MB storage, accommodating up to 10,000 waypoints and events.
  5. Input Ports:
    • Various input ports, including ignition, door, panic, quick-call, and microphone.
  6. Output Ports:
    • Equipped with output ports for a buzzer, immobilizer, and speaker.
  7. Audio Amplifier:
    • Includes a 3W audio amplifier for clear and audible alerts.
  8. TS30 Backup Battery:
    • A 600mAH/4.2V backup battery ensures uninterrupted functionality.
  9. LED Indicator:
    • Red LED indicates GSM connectivity, while the green LED signifies GPS status.
  10. TS30 Working Power Range:
    • Supports a working power range of 9-36V DC with a consumption rate of 1.8A.
  11. TS30 Power Consumption:
    • Energy-efficient with sleep consumption less than 30mA and standby consumption ranging from 45-80mA.

The TS30’s simplicity and functionality make it an ideal choice for basic fleet management needs. Its reliable connectivity, accurate GPS tracking, and versatile input and output ports contribute to its effectiveness in monitoring and managing vehicles.

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