Manufacturer: ANBTEK

The ANBTEK TS20, designed for car tracking applications, boasts an exceptional GPS receiver, quick TTFF, and Quad bands (850/900/1800/1900MHz) for seamless performance. This device consistently relays the current position to the backend server.

Key Features of ANBTEK TS20:

  1. TS20 Compact Design:
    • With dimensions of 714418mm, the TS20 ensures a compact and unobtrusive installation.
  2. TS20 Versatile Power Range:
    • Supports a power range of 9-36V DC/1.5A, accommodating various vehicle power systems.
  3. Wide Operating Conditions:
    • Operates efficiently in diverse conditions with a working humidity range of 5%95% and an operating temperature range of ‐30℃75℃.
  4. TS20 Internal Backup Battery:
    • Equipped with a 190mAh/4.2V internal backup battery, ensuring continuous functionality.
  5. Efficient Data Transmission:
    • Utilizes SMS/GPRS communication for reliable and real-time data transmission.
  6. TS20 GSM Chip:
    • Features the FIBOCOM G510 GSM chip for stable and responsive communication.
  7. Quad Bands:
    • Operates on GSM Quad bands (850/900/1800/1900MHz) for extensive coverage and connectivity.
  8. TS20 GPS Chip:
    • Utilizes the Skylab GPS Receiver with the Sirf III chip, providing superior accuracy and sensitivity.
  9. GPS Sensitivity and Accuracy:
    • Boasts a GPS sensitivity of -160dB and a position accuracy of 10 meters for precise location tracking.
  10. GPRS Null Zone Data Storage:
    • Capable of storing data in GPRS null zones, with a capacity for up to 2000 waypoints.

The TS20’s compact design, reliable communication features, and robust GPS capabilities make it an ideal choice for car tracking applications. Its ability to operate effectively in various conditions, coupled with efficient data transmission, ensures seamless and accurate tracking for enhanced vehicle monitoring.

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