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Anbtek AS201E

Manufacturer: ANBTEK
Anbtek AS201E GPS Device

The Anbtek AS201E is a versatile GSM/GPRS/GPS alarm tracking box designed for many applications. This compact device boasts a Quad Bands GSM/GPRS module, a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, and a 3D Accelerometer. Moreover, it easily integrates with optional wireless/wired accessories such as a fuel sensor, RFID reader, iButton Probe Kit, temperature sensor, RF Key Fob, alarm siren, and relay for controlling external electronic devices.

One notable aspect is its support for both GPS tracking and backup LAC/CID tracking, providing a comprehensive solution for tracking without blind spots, whether indoors or outdoors.

Let’s delve into the key features of Anbtek AS201E:

AS201E – GSM/CDMA Module: Powered by the efficient QUECTEL M35, ensuring reliable connectivity.

AS201E – GSM Frequency: Operates across the versatile 850/900/1800/1900MHz bands, maximizing compatibility.

GPS Receiver: Utilizes the skylab SKG 12BL, delivering impressive accuracy of 1-3 meters in moving and open environments.

MCU Processor: Equipped with an ARM7 STM103FRCT6 processor for efficient data processing.

AS201E – Internal Memory: With a generous 4MB storage capacity, accommodating up to 20,000 waypoints and events.

Input Port: Supports various inputs including ignition, door, panic, charger control, and a microphone for enhanced functionality.

Output Port: Offers diverse output options such as a buzzer, immobilizer, speaker, and door central lock for flexible usage.

AS201E – Backup Battery: Boasting a 680mAH/4.2V battery, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in challenging situations.

LED Indicator: A user-friendly interface with red indicating GSM connectivity and green denoting GPS status.


The AS201E stands out as a reliable and feature-rich tracking solution, seamlessly combining GPS and backup LAC/CID tracking. Its compatibility with a range of accessories enhances its adaptability, making it a versatile choice for diverse applications. The incorporation of advanced components like the QUECTEL M35 module and skylab SKG 12BL GPS receiver ensures optimal performance, while the user-friendly LED indicators simplify monitoring. Whether for personal or professional use, the AS201E delivers a compact, efficient, and comprehensive tracking solution.

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