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Streamax AD PLUS 2.0

AD Plus2.0

AD Plus2.0 stands as an innovative AI 4-CH compatible dash camera, purposefully crafted for fleet monitoring and comprehensive risk management. This cutting-edge solution not only empowers drivers to reduce traffic accidents but also enhances fleet management efficiency.

AI Technology for Proactive Risk Detection

Leveraging AI technology, AD Plus2.0 actively identifies risky driving events and unsafe behaviors. It provides real-time reminders to drivers, while helping them navigate potential risks. Simultaneously, the system uploads critical events to the fleet management platform for tailored driver training.

Real-Time and Accurate Data Transmission

AD Plus2.0 excels in transmitting real-time and accurate vehicle position information along with operation data to the fleet management platform. This feature significantly contributes to proactive decision-making and efficient fleet management.

High-Quality Remote Intercom and Video Playback

The dash camera offers high-quality remote intercom and video live view playback, simplifying the fleet management process. This functionality also ensures that fleet managers can easily monitor and address situations as they arise.

Functions and Features

  • Ultra-wide lenses for road-facing and driver-facing views
  • Support for up to 4-channel video recording
  • Dual-Micro SD card storage, allowing simultaneous storage of main and sub streams
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, 4G communication module, and inertial navigation positioning module
  • AES256 encryption for video/audio data and TLS1.3 encryption protocol for data transmission
  • Compact design that doesn’t obstruct the driver’s sight
  • OBD power supply for easy installation
  • Built-in ADAS function, supporting lane departure warning (LDW), forward collision warning (FCW), and headway monitoring warning (HMW)
  • Built-in DSC function, detecting unsafe driving behaviors
  • Echo & noise-canceling algorithm for improved two-way audio communication quality


  • Sleep mode with remote wakeup
  • Built-in 6-axis gravity sensor, supporting rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, harsh cornering, and accident detection

AD Plus2.0 sets a new standard in fleet monitoring, while combining state-of-the-art features with user-friendly design for an unparalleled driving and management experience.