Video Telematics

Feel as if you are in your fleet.

It’s not possible to know what is happening inside and outside of the fleet during a trip? This is important to understand the driving behaviour and the road conditions during the trip. What will you do if your vehicle meets with an accident? If your driver is innocent, how will you prove it? Do you have a solution for this problem?

Video Telematics - Monitor your Driver Behaviour and Activity

Trakzee gives HD quality videos and audio for understanding your fleet on the road.

The cameras are connected to the vehicle that records the video and stores data on the platform. Here, you will get camera options for road view and driver view. To enable this multiple cameras are installed inside and outside the vehicle. It also includes solution includes GPS, HD video recorder, and microphone.

Fleet managers will be able to see playback, the trip and map information, and share the location link as needed. This system specifically helps to grow your business by helping you identify fleets operate. Thus, it provides better visibility of fleet for increasing safety.

Video Telematics - Monitor your Driver Behaviour and Activity

Trakzee gives you the complete view of the fleet and its surroundings.

Video telematics is a combination of fleet and driving monitoring systems. Here, you will get the real time video of the fleet and thus help you monitor the driving behaviour. The main aim of this is to provide real-time audio and video. It not only helps you see inside of the fleet but also enables you to see what is happening in the surrounding.

Moreover, you can get the video history of the fleet. You can use this as evidence if any problem arises. You can also take a snapshot of video whenever required. Thus, you can monitor the driving behaviour anytime.

Video Telematics - Monitor your Driver Behaviour and Activity


Better fleet tracking

The live video helps to track the vehicle movement and thus, enables to know the fleet condition in real-time.

A trustworthy eyewitness

The history video can be downloaded and used as evidence in cases of accidents or when any other problem occurs.

Inspect Driving Activity

Enables to monitor the driving performance in real-time. Thus, helps to understand the driving behaviour and to take necessary action.

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