Real-Time Tracking

Feel as if you are travelling with your consignment.

For asset safety, tracking the consignment from the time when the journey began till it is delivered is important. So, have you ever tracked your asset? If your answer is yes. Did you really track your consignment or were you tracking the fleet carrying the consignment? LogyTrak is the answer to this query. It monitors the asset in real-time and helps you know if any problems arise.

Real-Time Consignment Tracking and Monitoring System

Wired or portable GPS devices are installed in the consignment. The device gathers the data of consignment location and LogyTrak shows these data on the map.

Let’s get familiar with the options available in the LogyTrak platform:

  • Show History: Get the trip history of your consignment.
  • Show Path: See the path travelled by the consignment.
  • Follow: Track multiple consignments at the same time.
  • Share: Share the live location of your consignment with anybody.
  • Show camera: Get the live image of your consignment.
  • Show Log: Understand the problem with the help of logs gathered on the platform.

Real-Time Consignment Tracking and Monitoring System

Your consignments are an important aspect of your business. Damage or theft of it can be heavy loss. To get rid of this problem real-time tracking of consignment is required. It helps you monitor your consignment until it reaches its destination. Know the exact movement of all your consignments on the same platform.

You can also create Geofence and POI for any location. This can be used to define the delivery location or your company headquarters for drivers understanding. This can help you know whenever your fleet reaches the assigned destination.

Real-Time Consignment Tracking and Monitoring System


Reduce Expense

The live tracking enables you to monitor your consignment and this helps you understand is a problem occurs. Thus, reduces the cost by showing you the problems on time.

Quick actions

When you see the problem occurred, you will be able to take steps quickly. Thus enables quick actions.

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