Logistics Management Software

An effective supply chain and consignment management system can lower a company’s overall cost and boost profits. Hence, LogyTrak is absolutely the right choice for you if you are looking to cut down costs. This state-of-the-art transportation management software helps you with routing, dispatching, and warehousing!

Why choose LogyTrak?

Better Routes. More Deliveries. Greater Profits.

Managing Expenses

Make financially wise decisions with accurate expense reports. Analyze fixed and variable costs and see how to reduce overhead expenditure. Monitor expense trends and you’ll uncover ways to save money.

Real-time Alerts

Get alerted when a fleet begins or completes a trip, makes an unauthorized stoppage, or idles. Getting timely alerts means you can respond to unauthorized activities and safeguard your valuable goods.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate important data like vehicle records, driver attendance, and maintenance logs on other management platforms as well. APIs enable seamless integrations and eliminate tedious importing and exporting. Streamline logistics and consignment tracking with APIs and 3rd party software integrations.

Driver Allocation

You don’t need to visit loading points to designate fleets or delivery routes to your drivers. Use LogyTrak and allocate drivers automatically, upon invoice generation. Allocate drivers based on their workload and availability, in just a few clicks.

Fleet Status

Get notified as soon as an invoice gets generated and estimate vehicle needs for each delivery. Know the whereabouts of your transportation fleets. See if a vehicle is still in the yard, being loaded, on the road, under maintenance, or returning to the hub; and schedule deliveries accordingly. Manage time and get the most out of your vehicles by organizing optimum schedules.

Driving Performance

Receive real-time notifications for several driving violations like harsh braking or acceleration, idling, overspeeding, missed delivery points—for better, safer, and cost-effective driving practices!


LogyTrak gives access to a personalized dashboard with tools that can streamline your logistics & supply chain management. Access crucial vehicle analytics, vehicle status, fuel consumption details, alerts, and reminds—all from a single screen!

LogyTrak App

Know where your assets are anytime! LogyTrak - Logistics Management Software App helps you take well-timed decisions and updates you in real-time. Avoid delays and ensure punctual deliveries every time with the LogyTrak mobile app!

Supported GPS Tracker

Our fleet management and GPS tracking platform is completely hardware-independent! Do you know what that means for you? You’ll never have to comprise with your choice of GPS trackers. Run your business with zero tracker compatibility issues—only with Uffizio!

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