Trakzee Payment Gateway. Easy and Secure

When we are moving to the digital world . Trakzee has come up with payment gateway to manage payment between user and parent user.

Trakzee Payment Gateway

Daily we come across many payment options like by cash, online, debit or cheque. Nowadays, the trending payment option is e-wallets and gateways. It’s a quick and easy method of paying the expense. The reason for its success is its ability to fulfil any payment from anywhere at any time.

This was about the payment options available around you. Here we will talk about the payment module in Trakzee and its benefit.

Trakzee’s Payment module

Trakzee has been providing you with many features to help you with your fleet. Moreover managing every detail of admin, reseller, company and object has been possible. 

Everything that we use has a price tag and so does Trakzee. It’s like a chain of payment. The company pays a reseller, and a reseller pays the admin. To manage this, our payment module is useful.

Users at Admin or Reseller level have the option to add payment gateways to their account so that their sub-users will make online payments to them. Trakzee also has the option to update offline payments.

From payment to invoice generation, from billing to reports manage you get every detail on the same platform.

How to use it?

Let’s see a few steps and options of the payment module.

On the reseller or admin account, you can add your payment details. Choose your payment gateway and add its details.  

A user can add their tariff plan for the reseller, company, or object. Add the tariff plan details. Here you can copy the tariff plan details of another tariff plan, then you can choose “copy from”. You can set the account suspension period of the sub-user without recharging. 

You can add charges of the particular object. Along with this, we can decide extra charges and tax for that object.

“Disable objects” in the billing module enables usage of the object with no charges. This option is useful when to use the object for test drive and in this tariff plan of the object will not be created.

To make payment to the parent user, you can click on the wallet on the platform and do the necessary steps.

 Now let’s see how to manage offline payments. Enter the offline payment detail in balance in the specific user detail.  In these options, cash and cheque is used. 


  • Different users can make online payments to their parent users
  • Pay with the postpaid or prepaid method
  • Know the credit and debit details of your balance 
  • Extend users plan for a few more days without recharging with few easy steps
  • Get the rest of the payment before the due date
  • Download any report in xls and PDF form

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