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A life saving emergence help service.


Most of you must have got the idea about the topic, we will talk about. Yes, it’s SOS. SOS is an emergency help button or service.

SOS is an abbreviation of “Save Our Ship” or “Save Our Soul”. It was originally a Morse code help signal used by ships. Morse code is a method to send a message with dots and dashes usually used internationally by secret agents or military services. The SOS is written as …—…, here dots mean S and dashes mean O. This method was first adopted by Germany in April 1905 and was known as the Notzeichen signal.    

The SOS was then accepted by different countries and was then introduced on ships. The first ship that reported the SOS distress call was on 10 June 1909 by Cunard liner RMS Slavonia. The system then became one of the most used distress signals.

Now, it is not limited to ships or secret agents. The SOS is introduced in the form of services on mobile phones and other wearable devices. The main aim of this is to provide personal safety in the form of emergency help.

The personal safety wearable in which SOS is used are:

  • Ring
  • Watch
  • Bracelet
  • Necklace
  • And more.

We could easily use these wearables in case of emergency. For using the SOS alert, you need to add the mobile number of multiple people who can help you in case of an emergency. After this, whenever a person clicks on the button, his location with an alert message will be sent to the recipients.

SOS in fleet…

With the updated technologies, SOS is now available in the various fleets. This was introduced to help the driver and passengers.

Mostly in the small fleet, the SOS button is available on the dashboard where it is not easily visible but can be easily reached by the driver.

Our Indian Government has listed it in AIS 140 certified devices. The AIS 140 devices are to be installed in all commercial fleets in India for public safety. As being around each person is not possible for them. So, in case of an emergency, the SOS button will send the message to the security force and the transport company. Thus, public safety will not be at risk in any situation. This step was taken after the Nirbhaya rape case in 2012 to provide help to women.  

Our fleet management software, Trakzee also has this amazing feature. In Trakzee you not only get the alerts but also give an efficient report regarding the SOS button used. Here, you can even select the method by which you want to be alerted.


  1. Sam is walking through a non-residential area. Robbers attack him. To get help, he clicked the SOS button on his watch. His friend, whose number was added to the system, will receive the message. Thus, will be able to provide help on time.
  2. Dev is a school-going, kid. One day, when he was left alone on the bus. The driver tried to abuse him. So, he clicked the SOS button on his seat and this alerted the school. Due to this, Dev was rescued on time.


The SOS panic alert is a life savor. So, we need to spread awareness regarding this. You never know when your small message can be useful to save someone’s life.