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Optimize the Performance of your Fleet with Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) eliminate speculations as it warns about existing or impending problems in a specific tire. Now avoid accidents by detecting low pressure and high-temperature conditions.

Vehicle Telematics - A Game Changer in Automobile Industry

Vehicle Telematics is a system of remotely monitoring and obtaining data from any Mobile assets like Car, Van, Trucks, or Ship by using the GPS and onboard diagnostics.

Overcoming Fuel Usability with Marine Fleet Management Solution

As compared to the transportation industry the detection of fuel theft in the shipping industry has more challenges and difficulties. Know how our software helps and provides the right solution.

Know how advanced technology helped the government ensure safe working conditions of railway patrolmen?

Railway patrolmen are posted at various points across the railway tracks that sprawl across the country. Know how advanced technologies are helping the government to ensure safe working conditions for these patrolmen.

Agri-Area GPS Field Area Measure

Agri area is a tool that can be used to measure the perimeter and area of a specific region of interest. This helpful for all the people who are in agricultural activities and those who provide services related to area-based payment calculations (like tractor service).

GPS Enabled E-Rickshaws will see a Big Leap In COVID-19

When the world is trying to liberate itself from the weight of COVID 19. The mobility industry can optimistically take a transformation.

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