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Trakzee Mini


The world is changing at an unprecedented rate and we humans are the force behind this revolution. Especially in this era of technological revolution, where new technologies are coming every day, its impact on our daily lives is unfathomable.

From agriculture to transportation, wherever we look, we have created a life of abundance for ourselves. However to control these technologies and to avoid misuse of these technologies is the next big challenge for us. For example, the use of personal vehicles has increased dramatically in recent years. We all use cars and bikes for daily commuting. But what if someone tries to hack your car? Or try to manipulate its control with this tech? The results can be fatal.

Nowadays the major concern that vehicle owners have is vehicle theft. Apart from that, there are some serious concerns about the safety and security of their loved ones while travelling. We need a technologically advanced system to overcome these challenges.

And that’s what Trakzee Mini is for...

About Trakzee Mini

Trakzee Mini is an advanced personal vehicle tracking application, which helps you to monitor and control every activity of your vehicle. Because we believe in the safety of your loved ones and the security of your car.

Whether it is locating the current location of your car or scheduling a service, Trakzee Mini has got you covered. If you own a vehicle, Trakzee Mini is as needed as fuel for your vehicle. Once you will read about the amazing things it can do for you, you yourself will promote that statement.

Why Trakzee Mini?

Before developing Trakzee Mini we at Uffizio generalised every basic problem faced by the vehicle owner. From vehicle getting stolen to vehicle maintenance, driving behaviour, safety and security, all the measures were covered and kept in mind to provide the best solution. After months of understanding the true pain points of the vehicle owners, we built this product to handle any type of situation you might face when owning your vehicle.

Some of its advanced features are covered below.

To-Notch Features of Trakzee Mini

Track and Trace

Get the current location of your vehicle on the map 24/7 with the Advanced “Live Tracking” feature. You can also trace your vehicle’s journey throughout the day with the “Route Replay” feature.

Safety and Security

Are you worried about your new car getting stolen when working in the office? Are you stressed about your children's safety while they are travelling without you in your car? Not anymore, with Trakzee Mini, you will get some of the best safety features.

  • Immobilise: Here once the immobilize has been activated by the authorised person you just need to be carefree as the engine of the vehicle won't start unless it has been deactivated by the same authorised person.

  • Secure Park: Now ensure the safety of your parked vehicle and get notified or receive an alert on your mobile device when theft is attempted or any unwanted activity is done when the vehicle is parked.

  • Real-time alerts: The real-time alerts help to know about each and every activity of your vehicles that needs to be taken care of. And if violated or offended the alert notification will be sent on your mobile app.

Dark Theme

The first vehicle tracking application that lets you to directly switch from light theme mode to stylish and attractive dark theme mode. The dark mode is specially designed to give you a rich look while using the application.

Maintenance Reminder

Do you often forget servicing your car? This can reduce your car’s worth. As our research suggests, regular scheduled service can increase your car's performance and its life by almost 35%. The Maintenance Reminder module of this app won’t let it happen again. Schedule your next service and get notified ahead of time.

Monitoring Driving Behaviour

You will be able to monitor driving behaviour with the help of real-time alerts. If your driver is driving recklessly by doing harsh acceleration, harsh braking and dangerous cornering then you will be notified immediately.


Geofence allows you to set a proximity parameter or a virtual boundary for the vehicle. It helps you get notified when the vehicle enters the area and sends alerts when the vehicle exits the geofence area.