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Safer logistics operations with AI Video Telematics

Why watch this webinar?

Streamax and Uffizio have been in the industry of vehicle surveillance for almost 2 decades. This webinar is an exciting opportunity for you to learn more about the scope of AI Video telematics—directly from the experts. Watch Streamax talk about their premium dashcams, driver monitoring systems, BSD, and cargo monitoring cameras. And find the perfect software analytical tools to boost logistics safety with Uffizio’s GPS tracking and fleet management platform. 

AI Video Telematics offers more to the users than the simple recording of road events or driver behaviors. With the help of AI Video Telematics, fleet managers can capture high-definition videos of critical moments. Just minutes after a road accident or a driving violation, fleet managers can access video evidence and find out who’s really to blame. 

Webinar Agenda

1. Quick Introduction

  • Speakers will talk about the importance of AI video telematics and dashcam surveillance in the logistics industry.

2. Company Profiles

  • Who are we? What do we do? Why you can trust us with your logistics operations? Get to know more about Uffizio and Streamax.

3. Logistics industry pain points and how AI video telematics can help

  • Theft, delays, reckless driving–all of these can be addressed with DMS, ADAS, and dash cams. Speakers will take a deep drive and explain how real-time analytics can help you maximize safety.

4. Streamax Premium Offerings

  • Take a look at Streamax’s AI product portfolio and see what makes them an industry favorite!

5. Uffizio’s Premium Offerings:

  • Speakers will help you explore Uffizio’s unique software modules. You’ll see why Uffizio’s telematics software is the most easy-to-use and user-friendly one in the market.

6. QnA

  • Get your questions answered!