Pet tracking GPS solution

Losing a pet can be extremely stressful—and all pet owners know it! That’s why Uffizio’s Petzee application is a must. With it, you will always know where your pet is, even when you are a thousand miles away from it.

How it works

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Petzee is a unique solution for taking care of your furry, four-legged friends. It helps you locate their every movement and ensure overall safety.

Enhance your pet’s health by noting its active resting hours. You’ll also be able to track their favorite places, how often they visit them, and playback outdoor trips.

Get notified in case of a tampered or detached collar tracker. Create points of interest and receive customized notifications.

Locate lost or stolen pets with our incredibly precise live-tracking features. Reduce all your pet anxiety and get that peace of mind you most certainly need!

You can schedule your pet’s activity reports and customize them based on their needs.

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Uffizio provides businesses with tools and actionable data—so they no longer operate in the dark. Our solutions have been deployed by businesses of all sizes and types. For higher profits, greater scalability, and efficient operations-choose Uffizio!


Your house or known areas and get notified when your pet crosses them.

Real-time alerts

Help you safeguard your pet at all times.

Live Tracking

Track multiple pets at the same time, from a single screen!

Intuitive analytics

Help you make smart decisions regarding your pet’s health!

70.34 %

Increased detection's of lost/stolen pets.

450 +

Pets tracked.

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