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Trailer Tracking for Resource Optimization in Waste Management


In the waste management and recycling industry, effective collection, transportation, and disposal of waste materials are crucial.


The waste management company faced challenges in ensuring that an adequate number of trailers are available for waste collection operations.

They also faced difficulty in optimizing trailer utilization to minimize idle time and maximize efficiency.

Limited visibility and tracking capabilities for trailers, making it challenging to monitor their location and status.

Difficulty in tracking trailers during waste collection operations, leading to inefficiencies in route planning and scheduling.


Trailer waste management


Implementing a trailer tracking system addressed these challenges effectively. 

  • Implemented real-time tracking and monitoring through trailer tracking software to have complete visibility of trailer locations and availability.
  • Utilized the software’s analytics and reporting features to analyze trailer utilization patterns, and identify underutilized or overutilized trailers.
  • Enabled automated notifications and alerts for trailer availability. It ensures efficient planning and scheduling of waste collection operations.
  • Access real-time location data and mapping features of the software to plan optimized routes. It minimizes travel time, and increases operational efficiency.
  • Integrated geofencing capabilities to set virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts if trailers deviate from designated areas or enter unauthorized zones.
Waste trailer tracking
cloud processing


  • Improved operational efficiency:  Improved efficiency and productivity through optimized trailer utilization and streamlined logistics.
  • Streamlined Asset Management: Tracking waste containers and equipment improves inventory control, prevents losses, and streamlines maintenance and replacement processes.
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