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Improving Mining Fleet Efficiency in Harsh Operating Conditions with TPMS


In mining industry, heavy equipment such as haul trucks and loaders are used to transport materials over rough terrain. The tires on these vehicles are subject to extreme conditions, such as sharp rocks, uneven terrain, and heavy loads. Ensuring that these tires are properly inflated is essential for maintaining vehicle performance, reducing downtime, and preventing accidents.


One of the main challenges the mining company faced was the harsh operating conditions that damaged tires, causing them to lose pressure. When tires are underinflated, they are more prone to punctures, overheating, and other types of damage, which can lead to costly downtime for repairs and replacements.

In addition, monitoring tire pressure in a large fleet of vehicles was time-consuming and costly, as it typically involved manual inspections. This was especially challenging in remote mining sites where access to vehicles was limited.


Mining TMPS


To address these challenges, the mining company turned to tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) to automatically track tire pressure in real time. 

  • TPMS used sensors installed inside each tire to measure the pressure and temperature of the air inside the tire.
  • Our software collected data from the sensors and provided detailed reports to the fleet owners.
  • When the system detected that a tire is losing pressure, it sent an alert to fleet owners in real time, allowing them to take corrective action before a serious problem occurs.
  • By using TPMS, mining companies reduced the risk of tire-related accidents and downtime, extended tire life, and reduce fuel consumption. These benefits translate to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
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  • Maintain Optimal Pressure: By using TPMS, mining companies were able to maintain optimal tire pressure and reduce the risk of accidents and downtime. 
  • Quick Actions: The real-time monitoring provided by our software was used by operators to identify potential problems, allowing them to take corrective action before a serious issue occurs.
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