PTO usage and equipment work hour calculations

Verticals like construction, coal, and mining, or agriculture make use of equipment appended to their vehicles. For example, a jackhammer, a wood chipper, or a harvester may be run using PTO. They use energy off a vehicle’s engine. Thus, the work hours can be measured by monitoring its PTO.

How it works

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Uffizio has got just the solution to monitor and optimize PTO measurement, so you can make the most out of your industry implements!

Our software solutions help you keep track of the work done. Know if your implement is engaged or not. If engaged, you can know its speed, run time, and output.

Get complete visibility into daily operations. Know if your remotely placed equipment is working at maximum capacity or not.

You get notifications for idling and unauthorized usage. Hence, we make sure your resources are not being neglected. You’ll get your money’s worth with Uffizio’s solutions! 

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Uffizio provides businesses with tools and actionable data—so they no longer operate in the dark. Our solutions have been deployed by businesses of all sizes and types. For higher profits, greater scalability, and efficient operations-choose Uffizio!

RPM-based work hour calculation

A sure-shot way to know how much work is done. 

Analytical suite

For comprehensive and precise reports of PTO work duration and other industry-relevant parameters.

Real-time alerts

Notifications for excessive idling or theft. Optimize your business by reducing inefficiencies.


So you never experience unexpected breakdowns!

76.34 %

drop in RPM violations

50.34 %

reduction in equipment idling

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