Effective GPS solutions for pest control

Uffizio’s field monitoring solution, Taskeye, has greatly helped the pest control businesses. It enables them to deploy crew on time, stay on track of vehicle maintenance, and maintain successful customer relationships.

How it works

Here's why our solutions stand out from the rest

Know if all houses scheduled for extermination are visited and get notified if your crew misses any!

Estimate crew ETA’s and keep your clients informed. Increase customer satisfaction by keeping on-time appointments and notifying them when your crew is running late.

On the other hand, Taskeye empowers employees too! They can track work progress and report operational issues. 

Assign tasks based on employee availability, their workloads, and time-offs. Streamlining task allocation helps you track progress and achieve company goals.

Our platform offers tools to track and record PODs. Using them will get you complete visibility into your crew’s performance. 

Tools that help you excel


Uffizio provides businesses with tools and actionable data—so they no longer operate in the dark. Our solutions have been deployed by businesses of all sizes and types. For higher profits, greater scalability, and efficient operations-choose Uffizio!

Live Tracking

Get a bird's-eye view of your crew’s whereabouts and commute routes using our glitch-free live tracking features!

Optimized Routes

Using our route optimization feature, you can plan the choicest routes that cover all desired points while keeping fuel costs low. 

Manage Expenses

Acknowledge on-the-road expenses and process reimbursements with ease. 

Complete Transparency

Proof of services, MDVR, and customer reviews give insights into your crew’s performance.

55.56 %

decrease in crew idling

85.33 %

increase in on-time task completions

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