Temperature Monitoring System

When your clients are into business dealing with temperature-sensitive goods even the slightest delay could get them in trouble. Late deliveries can mean product spoilage, business losses, and unhappy customers. So, what do you do? Your only choice—a Temperature monitoring system! We at Uffizio provide you with world-class temperature monitoring software to address sensitive needs. We make this possible with real-time data, accurate analytics, and a customizable alert module.

temperature monitoring

What makes our software unique

  • Get information about the temperature sensor like its battery level or response times through the tooltip which is present on the right side of our live-tracking screen.
  • Transfer of goods at an optimum temperature means they stay fresher for longer times.
live tracking screen
  • Our temperature status report lets you know the temperature value of a selected fleet at any given time.
  • For multiple temperature sensors, it shows the port number so you always know which sensor is reporting what reading
  • You also get to see the time at which the temperature reading was updated for greater accuracy
Temperature Status
  • Know the average, minimum, and maximum temperature value of cargo during transit.
  • Through this report, you’ll be able to see the start and endpoint of the delivery trip, its current location, and the port number of the sensor.
  • You can also access our temperature chart through this report. You’ll find temperature fluctuation alerts and sensor tampering alerts on this chart.
Temperature Summary
  • To increase product sustenance

Without a temperature monitoring system, products could be severely damaged by a spike or a drop in temperature—and you wouldn’t even know it! That’s why temperature monitoring systems are an affordable solution to increase the sustenance of temperature-dependent products like dairy, meat, or vegetables.

  • Experience remote monitoring

Identify an increase or decrease in temperature and regulate it from the comfort of your home or office. You may have temperature-sensitive products in transit and can still check and maintain their ambient temperature. With temperature monitoring systems, facilities dealing with pharmaceuticals or vaccines can ensure compliant storage temperatures and prevent loss of potency.

  • Get higher ROIs

Broken cold chains, traffic delays, poor loading practices, and, inadequate insulation create temperature fluctuations and may lead to product spoilage. Battle such delays with temperature monitoring systems. Serve your customers with fresh products and increase their retention. Your key to higher profits is just a click away!

Why Temperature Monitoring Software

Seamless Integration with Hardware of your Choice

Uffizio has an extensive hardware partner network. Your clients are free to choose any hardware according to their tracking needs and get our software integrated. Be rest assured that your clients won’t ever face compatibility issues.


MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) provides a wider assortment of capabilities. It includes robust security measures


With real-time incident detection and preventative in-cab coaching, AI Dash Cams are proven to protect drivers and lower costs.

Benefit your clients with this telematics wonder

temperature reading

Temperature readings in Kelvin (K), Celsius (C), and Fahrenheit (F)

temperature summaries

Get temperature-related summaries for further analysis

alert temperature

Alerts for the slightest change in temperature

product spoilage

Fewer losses because of product spoilage

Industries where you can spread with this software

  • Prolong milk and dairy products’ lifespan by transporting them at ideal temperatures.
  • With our platform, distributors can regulate temperature and deliver fresh milk daily.
  • Uneven temperatures can take a toll on daily operations and increase operational costs. We prevent this by maintaining ideal temperatures.
  • Some goods need the optimum temperature to be fresh and our temperature monitoring software monitors the temperature of storage rooms.
  • Minimize your losses because of product spoilage.
  • Get temperature-related detailed reports for further analysis.
  • Temperature monitoring software is widely helpful in the pharma industry to store drugs and medicines.
  • Temperature monitoring integrated with our fleet management solution also helps in regulating temperature while drugs are in transit.
  • Our software provides alerts for even the slightest change in the temperature

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