Visit Management

Easily schedule your meetings and record them for reference.

Managers find it difficult to manage entire Field / Service teams manually as he will not have any record regarding the meetings or worksites visited by the employees. Moreover, the employee should have informative detail of the visited meeting. For which they require to carry recording tools and notepads. But managing these data is difficult. So, to solve the problem of manager and employee, visit management is useful.

Field Employee Visit Management System

Employees need to visit the location from which the task will be started. Once the location arrives, employees will click on the start task option. As soon as their task is completed, employees can move on to the next task as per the assigned by clicking on the next task.

The manager can view this detail on his platform. Thus, it helps the employee to know the location of the meeting and at the same time lets the manager know about the employee’s visiting the location.

TaskEye helps in scheduling visits and record visit outcomes from field locations. System records activity of the Field / Service teams with Job details, path history, time and location stamping. So daily, managers can get the timely meeting information conducted in a day.

Stay completely on top of your team – view their scheduled and completed visits along with the visit outcomes. Know whether they reach their meeting destinations on time through their check-in and check-out details.

In short, Manager can view the scheduled visits or meetings of field staff, activities recorded by them during the course of their field movement, and expense claims along with convenient linkage to related field activities.


Manage visit details

Easily record all the events of the visit. So, you won’t miss any important points of the meeting.

Easily know the task location

Manager can mark the location for their employees. This helps to easily navigate the employee to task location.

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