Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Simplified navigation to your task location.

While assigning a location of meeting and task, navigation is must. If addresses is properly explained or navigated, then field employees can manage their time properly. Also, they can reach on time while making the most of meetings. For which TaskEye comes handy.

Turn by Turn Navigation

On the mobile dashboard itself, there is a screen giving information related to the tasks like upcoming tasks, completed tasks with travelled distance.

Also, the location of all the meetings will be present. As soon as one task will be completed, the location of the next task according to tasks assigned will be visible.

TaskEye provides your field force and sales force with a real-time visual map pinpointing the location of their next meeting. It also helps in making navigation to meeting destinations simpler and faster.

It helps the employees to know the location of their task or meeting. Employees can get the route to their task location on their app.


Know the task location

Easily know where the meeting or the task is assigned. Helps the employees to know the location of their task.

Time Saving

Employees can easily find the route to the assigned task. It saves time by showing path to the task location.

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