Task Tracking

Get all the task related information from start to end.

It is difficult for manager to monitor the new and previously assigned task when he is away from the field. As a manager, do you have solution for this? If no, then Taskeye is a best option for tracking field task.

Staff Employee Task Tracking System

Manager can check all the task activity from Web Panel itself. Details like task has been completed or not, distance traveled for the task, expense incurred during the task can be fetched from Single screen. Keep track of all these tasks on the same platform.

Thus, it helps managers to easily track all the activities of employee and know status of the assigned task.

Employee Task Tracking System

TaskEye helps you know where your employees are. It gives the details of field employee’s location and distance travelled. Continuously gathers data and generates report in real-time.

Here, you won’t have to be physically present in the field for tracking all your field task. TaskEye enables to track the task of your field employees. Even after sitting in your office, you can track every detail on your desktop.

You will know the traveling location, distance, expenses and people they meet. This means you can track each and every task of your field employees. Thus, it makes your task and monitoring easier.

Task Tracking System


Efficient task tracking

Manager can track the task of all the employees on the same platform. So, monitoring work becomes efficient.

Get real-time task status

TaskEye informs the manager about all the tasks in real-time. Get the status of all the assigned task.

Well Organised Report

Know the completed and remaining task with the help of the systematic report.

Ready to optimize your Field Task Monitoring?