Performance Monitoring

Check how your employees are performing onsite

There is really no excuse for the missed meetings and follow-ups. Managers can view the list of tasks with task status on a single screen. Manager will be able to identify the one who is performing well vs the one who needs to perform well.

Field and Staff Employee Performance Monitoring System

Taskeye provides various analytical reports which can help us to monitor performance in a better way :

  • Employee Task History - Total task completed by the employee with the completion/missed status.
  • Work Hour - States the details regarding the total working hours of the employees according to company policy with details like actual working hours, estimate work status, no of times early on duty and no of time late on duty.
  • Attendance - Daily/Weekly/Monthly report of the attendance of the employees.
  • Employee Performance - Report regarding the tasks completed on task, task delayed, and tasks missed.

Employee Performance Detail

Work evaluation is necessary for the better growth of the company. If an employee performs well, then it is the best thing for any company. A company can achieve growth if the issues regarding the work evaluation are addressed positively. Manager can view all the notes and images attached against every task performed.

The reports are available to help you monitor the performance of your employees according to the range of time period selected by you.

Employee Performance Monitoring Report


Efficiently monitor employee’s performance

Helps you monitor the performance of your employees. It continuously monitors task of your employee, working hours and attendance.

Helps to prevent false performers

By monitoring the uptodate task and their performance, you will be able to know which employee is really working. It helps to remove false performers from field work.

Ready to optimize your Field Task Monitoring?