Manage Onsite Visits

Easily maintain the task location visits.

Managing visits and keeping records of the meeting is a challenge for any organization. Managers need to wait for another day for the information on the meetings conducted the day before.

Manage and Record Field Employee Onsite Tasks and Visits

Taskeye provides a list of all the tasks to be conducted today on the mobile app itself. Just click on the tasks section, the employee will be presented with all the tasks to be performed today.

Also new tasks can be added by employee itself.

Moreover, attach the important pictures, notes and voice notes regarding the visits from the Taskeye mobile app and monitor them from the Web platform.

It also helps employees to record or take notes of the meeting. Thus, it not only reminds you about the meetings but also helps you remember important parts of the meeting.

TaskEye can help to view the scheduled visits/meetings of your field staff, activities recorded by them during their field movement, and expense claims along with convenient linkage to related field activities. Get alerts for approaching meetings and tasks which are to be completed at different durations. You can receive updates of the meeting an hour before it begins.

So, you won’t miss any meeting or task. This is useful to prepare yourself for the meeting before the scheduled time.

An employee can also record or note down important events of the meeting or about the site visits.


Upcoming Meetings Intimation

Receive notification regarding any upcoming meetings to the employee in the Taskeye mobile application.

Record your meetings

Take notes and record the onsite visit for your future requirement. This is the best option for remembering the meetings and capturing the information.

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