Leave Management

Manage your leave with ease

Like maintaining task and receiving new task are important for manager and employee, similarly maintaining leave is important. It is a time-consuming process. For taking leave and for other process related to it requires both manager and employee at the same place at the same time. Thus, TaskEye provides leave management for solving your queries.

Staff Employee and Field Employee Leave Management System

On the TaskEye platform, while adding the details of new employees, he needs to add the number of SL and CL for the upcoming year. Thus the employee will know about the leave available.

On the application, the employee needs to select the dates for which he needs to take leave. Then enter the reason for the leave and save the data.

Notification about the employees leave will be sent to the manager. Then the manager can reject or accept the leave from the platform. Also, can enter the reason, if he rejects the leave. Another notification will be sent to the employee regarding his leave status. This helps the employee to know if the manager rejected and accepted.

Thus with few simple steps efficient leave management is possible with TaskEye.

TaskEye makes easy to manage employee’s leave which is beneficial for both employees as well as a manager. When an employee wants to take leave, he will not have to meet the manager but just apply for the leave with his application. The manager will also get the details of the employee’s leave by just using the application. Moreover, the manager will be able to accept or reject the leave from anywhere and at the same time, the employee will know about his leave status.

Get a notification for the leave process. The reports related to the leave can be viewed on the platform. Employees can also know about the remaining Sick Leave (SL) and the Casual Leave (CL) on his application.

Thus, get real-time information of the leave and its management becomes easier and efficient.


Get up-to-date information

The manager and employee will have accurate data of the current and remaining leave. Thus, misunderstanding and incorrect information sharing are eliminated.

Save time

Online leave management eliminates the time taken for taking leave and acceptance/rejection. As it can be easily managed on the TaskEye with simple steps.

Know employee performance

The manager with the help of leave management gets the data regarding employees availability and the number of leave taken. With this, the manager can understand the employees working days and thus, helps to know his performance.

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