Expense Management

Manage expenses from the mobile application.

Claiming expenses becomes a major task for both the field staff and the field staff managers. This especially happens when the field staff is completing or closing a call or while they are travelling.
Taskeye system provides simplified expense recording.

Field and Staff Employee Expense Management System

An employee can add the new expense incurred. They can also attach a picture of the bills for claim purpose. These pictures can be verified by the managers from the Web application.

Expense history option is available to track the travelling expenditure of employees. Thus, you can easily manage company expenditure.

For example, an employee is going for a business meeting in another city. He will add all the expenses one by one. Now the manager can view the expense and calculate all them.

Give your employees the power to update or upload an expense or claims through TaskEye. It can be used both on the web and on mobile.

Your field staff can enter the expenses and claim details while they are travelling to your customer’s place. Manager can access your field staff’s claims and expenses and can process for refund.


Easily Update Expenses

This task management solution tracks the expense of management for the user. You can easily update the expenditure and then manage them.

Add Bills of Expenses

Attach images of the Bill related to the expensed from the Taskeye mobile app and monitor the same form the Web platform.

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