Dashboard & Insights

Get all real-time activity summary of field level employees

Manage the field task of your employees with real-time data.
TaskEye is an advanced software with it’s intuitive dashboard and wide functionalities.
It helps you to quickly assign new tasks and manage your field technicians’ workload with ease.

Smart Dashboard & Insights for Field Employee Tracking

A single click is all that is required to view real-time job statuses, access to your field staff’s daily & weekly schedules, customer work history, list of unscheduled jobs, etc.

Simple and effective mobile UI will provide you with all the information required.

The leftside of the dashboard shows live tracking screen for tracking your employees. Above this you will see the employee status which includes employees on duty, off duty, on leave, inactive and whose current data are not available.

On the rightside various charts on employees performance and work can be seen.

Our simple yet effective dashboard helps to fetch important details regarding the field level employees. Dashboard provides details like :

  • On duty, Off duty, On leave status of employee
  • Details of Top 10 Performers
  • Details of Top 10 Spender
  • Details of Top 10 Leave taker
  • Details of Top 10 Traveler

Here, you can schedule the range of date for which you want to see the chart.


User-friendly dashboard

The advanced dashboard gives a summary of all the data for a better understanding. It is also simple to use.

Effective for your business growth

TaskEye gathers all the important data's and dashboard helps you understand them with the help of charts. Thus, it is flexible enough to help you grow your busines.

Ready to optimize your Field Task Monitoring?