Customer Address Management

Manage customer’s address and save it for future use.

“Drop a Pin” to mark and save the places that you need to visit.
The location-awareness serves as a powerful tool for maintaining the quality of your customer address database. Your sales staff can ‘pin’ the address which ensures that the information is absolutely accurate.

Customer Address Management System

TaskEye provides the facility to add POI in advance which can be used while performing field task. When we create a new task, the location of the task can be added using the saved POI address.

In case of an unscheduled task, we can add the POI live from the mobile panel itself.

Let's understand the procedure of adding POI step by step:

  • Mark the location on the map
  • Name the location
  • Enter tolerance for the area
  • Add description for the marked area
  • Then save the details

You can save several addresses in form of POI. The saved addresses can be useful when employees are going for a task, as you can select the task location from the added POI.

Also, when employees go for task which was not scheduled, you can save the location for which the task was done.

In this way, you not only get the accurate location but also can easily manage the address of the customers.


Efficiently monitor employee’s performance

Helps you monitor the performance of your employees. It continuously monitors the task of your employee, working hours and attendance.

Easily find important locations

Employees can get routes to the marked location. It also helps to search for a specific location such as parks or petrol stations.

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