Collaborate with Team Members

Connect with your team members anytime

View real-time location and tasks of field employees on TaskEye platform. Get details of completed and missed task with its duration. Enables managers to view the attendance and history of the working hour. Works of field and salesforce should not stop due to internet connectivity issues. As the productivity of the company depends on them. TaskEye enables field employees work effortlessly without internet.

Collaborate with Team Members

Managers can find information on the dashboard regarding the On Duty and Off Duty of employees. Managers can also check the leave status while having the details for the maximum number of tasks by employees and maximum distance travelled by employees.

Also manager can also check the task completion duration of employees with delay and missed details.

Manager can check all the visits done by the employee with the help of travel summary report in the absence of internet connectivity. The system has the facility to store offline addresses which will be uploaded to the system, once the connectivity is back.

TaskEye is a tool which provides analytical reports to managers for better collaboration.

Managers can also view their subordinates’ current location, attendance status, meeting status, visits done and expenses claimed.

Whether your field force is in the elevator of your customer’s office building or in a remote location, Offline mode lets them work seamlessly without an Internet connection. All the visits done by the team will be saved once the internet is back. Even if there is no internet, manager will not miss any the task detail


Connect with your employees

Easily connect with your employees whenever you want to share any information or want to get details from them.

Work without internet

Helps you monitor the task and employee even if there is no internet. Quickly updates all the data as soon as it gets internet supply. So, you will not miss any data.

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