Attendance Management

Mark your attendance even from the field.

It is difficult to manage attendance of employees who travel daily on the field. Sending emails daily to register attendance is not a feasible option for employees also. So it's time to get TaskEye

Field Employee Attendance Management System

For using this feature, the employees have to login in the TaskEye app. Then the employee has to click on ON DUTY. After which the attendance will be marked for the day. This is applicable only when the employee is in the work location.

Thus, you get accurate data of employee attendance.

Attendance Management

Taskeye synchronizes the attendance data with the server on a real-time basis. When the user is offline or has network issues, the data is stored locally. Then, as soon as it receives network or users are online the data transparently synchronizes in the platform.

Get a detailed report of employee's attendance on Taskeye’s dashboard. Thus, the manager or parent user can get detail and can also download data for any selected range of dates.

Attendance Management


Easily Manage attendance

Managing attendance is a very simple task with TaskEye. You can view your employee’s attendance in graphically form for better understanding.

Mark Attendance Remotely

Employees can mark then attendance from the Taskeye mobile application from anywhere and anytime.

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