Activity Report Logging

Record each and every activity of your employees.

Report managers in real-time with all the task related data. Manager can generate all the reports like employee task status, employee leave summary and employee expense summary. The reports will help managers to make better decisions for better business growth.

Real-Time Track and Manage Field Employee Activity Report

Managers need to log in the reports tab to fetch following details related to activity like :

  • SOS Report - It gives report regarding the triggered SOS along with employee and object detail.
  • Site Visited Summary - It gives report regarding the worksites visited by the employee along with his detail.
  • Employee Status - Employee's work status can be known along with his important details like employee type, HES ID and HES expiry date.
  • Employee Expense - It gives you the details on the total expense incurred by the employee.
  • Work Hour - Working hour report of the employees with details like actual work hours, no of times early on duty and no of time late off duty.

TaskEye enables the employees to inform their daily activities to the managers. These real-time data can be viewed as reports. These reports helps the manager to monitor performance of all employees on same platform.

The details of expense, working hour, attendance and other activities of employee are gathered here, to provide well-maintained reports. You can get the repots according to the dates you scheduled. It can be daily, monthly or customised range as per your requirement.

Task Activity Report


Efficiently analyse task

Easily record all the tasks of your employees. Get a well maintained report for analysing their work.

Employee Attendance Monitor

Monitor the daily attendance of the employees from the Web application along with date-time and location.

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