School Trip Management

Manage your school trip

As a driver, it’s important for you to understand your own trip. If the driver is unaware of the trip then it becomes both for student and driver to reach the school on time. Many times, the driver needs to take a different route other than the assigned ones or they have a shorter and safer route to reach their destination. We understand their problem and thus, here is the solution.

School Trip Management system

The driver has to login into his application. Here, the user will be able to easily manage the trip with simple steps.

On the Dashboard of the app, the driver will be able to see the current trip schedule details. This helps him to understand which trip needs to be taken. Next is the trip schedule, here the driver can know about all the trips scheduled. Here, he will also get the idea of the next trip to be taken.

The create trip option is used by the driver to create his own trip. Click on add trip when the driver is on the start point. Now as he reaches the first point, mark the pickup point. Similarly, add all the points and at last, add the endpoint. Thus efficiently creates a trip for the driver.

Thus, efficiently helps the driver in managing his trip.

The school trip management is the basic and important aspect of the driver app. As this helps the driver to know the trip schedule, route and the points to cover.

He can also view the number of students who will enter the bus from a particular stop. This helps him to know that no child is missed from any stop.

Moreover, it also enables him to create his own trip. This is useful in the condition where route changing is required. The driver can also view the trip map and trip detail for better understanding.

Thus, managing a trip to school becomes easier.


Easy trip planning

This helps the driver to easily complete the scheduled trip. Thus, navigates the driver to the location in a simple way.

Know the next location

The proper trip management keeps track of the points travelled and thus, shows the next location on the trip map.

Always on time

Always on time

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