School bus monitoring

Know real-time information on the bus.

One of the key benefits of the Smartbus is that it gives parents and the school authorities regular updates on where the school bus is at all times. This helps give parents peace of mind and helps instill a sense of security in their minds about the welfare and security of their kids.
Drivers feel a sense of security and give them an added sense of responsibility know that their actions and driving speed are being monitored all the time by the school authorities.

Advanced Real-Time School Bus Monitoring System

School authorities need to log into their mobile application. After login, they can track the location of single or multiple buses. They can also follow particular bus for which they wish to receive particular updates.

The MDVR is installed in the vehicle for efficiently monitoring the activity inside and outside the bus. It provides real-time video and then stores this data for future reference.

The system sends real-time updates of events like :

  • Pick Up & Drop Trip Event
  • Trip Delay
  • Route Deviation
  • Unauthorised stoppages

School Bus Monitoring App

Safety of students is the major concern for parents and school management. It is the responsibility of school authorities to take care of parents trust when their children travel through the bus of school management.

SmartBus provides regular information to school management and parents regarding the bus location all the time. Drivers also perform their duty well keeping in mind regarding the fact that their driving behaviour is monitored constantly.

The real-time updates and alerts are sent to parents through SMS/email notification updating them on events related to school trips and route. It makes the task of school management easier.

Real-Time School Bus Monitoring App


Better monitoring with video telematics

Get HD quality video and audio of the fleet in real-time. Thus, helps to monitor each and every detail on the bus and in its surrounding.

Get on-time alerts

Know all the activities of the bus before the report or driver informs you. So, you can be aware of the activities happening on the bus in real time alert.

Ready to optimize your school bus activity?