Real-time Bus Location

Get current location of your child’s school bus.

Our school bus system track school vehicles and help keep the parents updated about their child’s travel. By using the remote-tracking feature on mobile devices, helps parents to know information such as bus arrival delay in their drop/pick point. Parents can even find the location of the school bus at any time with the help of GPS.

Real-Time School Bus Tracking and Monitoring System

Parents need to download the Parent application from Google Play Store and App Store. To log into the application, LoginID and Password are required, which will be provided by the school authorities.

After logging, parents can track the location of the bus once the trip will get started. Also, it will help them to decide when to leave from their home to the bus stop.

Real Time School Bus Location Tracking

Today, the safety of children on the bus is a major concern. Parents do not have any control once the students are seated on the bus. Also, they need to wait long due to missing of exact information on the school bus.

To avoid this issue, we have developed a dedicated app for Parents. By using the mobile app, parents can track the school bus on the map. By having proper tracking information, parents can decide when to reach the bus stop and can manage their time accordingly.

Real Time School Bus Tracking Mobile App


Stay informed of child’s activity

Get real-time notification like student boarding the bus and getting down on the wrong location. Thus, helps you know the child’s status in the bus.

Schedule your work time

By knowing the location of the bus, you will be able manage your time according to your child's arrival time. So, the child won't have to wait for you at the bus stop.

Ready to optimize your school bus activity?