Real-time alerts

Get notified about important events through SMS/Email.

The system sends real-time updates and alerts to parents through SMS/email notification updating them on events related to school trips like trip start event, trip delay, pick up & drop event intimation.

Real-time school bus alert

System will send important alerts to parents in following scenarios :

  • School bus has left from the school for pickup
  • School bus is nearby to parents pickup point
  • School bus has reached to school
  • Student boarded in/out of the bus
  • Student got down on the wrong bus stop

Thus, parents will be aware of each and every event happening in the bus.

Real-Time School Bus Alert

It is complex for school management to call thousands of parents in case of any change in the bus schedule/important trip announcement. It is not feasible to call every parent, when time is less in case of any emergency.

So, our system has facility to broadcast important messages in form of SMS/email/app notification to all the parents through their mobile app.

The parents will be alerted or notified about the event as per the situation. Thus it helps to know the bus status easily.

Real-Time Alerts on Mobile App


Ensure Child Safety

The real-time notification also helps to know where your child is. Thus assures you about your child's security.

Transparency between school bus and parents

The alerts makes communication between parents and the shool bus easier. As you will have the idea of bus events.

Ready to optimize your school bus activity?