Mark Student Attendance

Manage student attendance in all the trips without missing details.

It is difficult to keep attendance of all the students boarded daily on the bus without the help of proper trusted system. We have seen scenarios where students who were there on the bus, remains absent during the school hours while parents are not having any idea for this. Smartbus provides facility in the driver app for attendance management. With the help of mobile app, driver can manually mark all the students who were present during the pickup/drop up trip.

Manage and Mark Student Attendance

Driver can mark the student attendance by following :

  • During the pick up point, driver can mark the student attendance boarding from that pick up point.
  • Using QR code scanner, they can scan the QR code given by school authorities to students.
  • The RFID tags are read by the RFID scanners on the door of the bus for marking attendance.

School Bus Pickup & Drop Report

School management can take proper action if they have the proper attendance data. Also the data can be helpful during the parents meeting.

Attendance management in Smartbus can be managed in two ways :

  • Using manual attendance option from the app
  • Qr code on the student’s ID card is scanned with a mobile app
  • RFID integration with the system. RFID tags can be given to students for their automatic attendance inside the bus and school.

Student Attendance Report View


Take attendance in a simple way

Easily take attendance of all the students on the bus. Helps you in keeping count of the students.

Easy Verification

The method used for taking attendance like QR code and RFID also helps to verify the student detail. This is useful to know if the child enters the wrong bus.

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