Instant Alerts

Get on-time alerts for bus activities.

The school management has the biggest responsibility for child safety. As they are the ones who ensure the parents about the child’s journey. But this will not be possible if school management will be unaware of bus activities. Its instant alerts makes communication with bus easier.

School Bus Location Alerts and Tracking System

The responsible person of the school management needs to open the alert module on the platform. Here, he needs to select the bus for which the alert is selected. Then select the alert and enter a description for the alert. Then select SMS, Email or notification by which alert should be sent. Now, whenever the selected condition occurs, the management will receive the alerts. Thus, helps to take required actions on time.

For example, you have selected alert for POI overstay for bus1. Then enter the value as greater than 20 minutes. Add the POI named MG road. Now, select action as SMS. After a few days, Bus1 has reached MG road. Now the bus has been in this POI for the last 20 minutes. As soon as the time of staying in the particular POI is noted as 21 minutes, an alert for POI Overstay will be sent to you via SMS.

Thus accurate detail for the alert will be received by the school management and also take the necessary steps if required.

In SmartBus multiple alerts are available. These alerts help to know about each and every activity of the bus that needs to be taken care of. This alerts not only helps to know the activities inside the bus but also warns you about bus condition.

Some of the important alerts available are:

  • SOS
  • School pickup trip start
  • School trip delay
  • Student not alight from the bus
  • Missed drop
  • Low battery
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Over speed
  • Power off
  • And more

Almost 50 alerts are available for students’ security. Thus, be aware of the bus and its condition.

Also, get reports for alert regarding object alert, driver alert and parent notification.


Draws attention to the problem

The instant alert helps to know about the problem occurred during the trip. Thus, it can make you aware of the real-time problems occurred.

Receive multiple alerts at the same time

Different cases can occur during a point of time. Our platform is capable for this, as it sends multiple alerts regarding different conditions on the same platform.

Choose required alerts

It helps you select the alerts you want to be warned about. This eliminates unwanted alerts, so you will only receive the required information.

Ready to optimize your school bus activity?