Improve safety metrics

Boost in the safety metrics of the students.

A school management system is a great way to improve the safety measures of the school. When the drivers know that they are being monitored real-time by the parents and school authorities, will behave in a more responsible way in their driving, the students tend to behave better as well.

Improve Safety Metrics For School Bus

School management will receive timely alerts in case of any trip deviation, driving behaviour alert like over-speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, SOS and many more.

The data is gathered to create systematic reports. The reports are available related to trip attendance, trip summary, unwanted stoppages and student attendance.

Moreover, select the maintenance required for every school bus and get reminders on-time maintenance.

Driver Performance Reportcard

School management can make better decisions and can implement effective changes if they have all the data in one place. Having data at one place in analytical format can make their job easier.

We have a complete module for reports with available reports like :

  • Driver’s driving Behaviour
  • Trip Summary
  • Trip attendance
  • Vehicle Trips
  • Trip Status
  • Bus activity

Thus, it helps you to take step ahead and monitor security of the bus.

Driver Performance Detail


Provides security to fleet

Efficiently monitors the school bus and notifies if any problem occurs. It has several alerts for safety like DTC code and fuel level change.

Know your driver

You will be able to monitor driver's performance and behaviour at the same time with the help of SmartBus. It encourages you to improve driving behaviour of your bus driver.

Ready to optimize your school bus activity?