Bus Stop Re-Assignment

Update your pick and drop point with few clicks.

Parents no longer have to call schools and bus companies to make changes to their child’s bus schedule. They can simply go to the parent app, tap a few buttons and they are done.Any change in the pick up and drop point information will be updated in the driver app.

Bus Stop Re-Assignment

Parents will be provided with the location points from which the school bus will commute on a daily basis. If they want to change the pick and drop point from the points selected earlier, they can do it using the app.

Once they update, their updated point information will be automatically added in the route of the driver, so they don’t need to update school authorities and driver for the same.

Bus Stop Re-Assignment System

It is very difficult for school management and drivers to manage the changes in the pickup/drop up schedule of students. Also, it is complex for parents every time to keep calling driver/school authority to update regarding the change in the pickup/drop up address.

The mobile app for parents allows them to change the pickup and drop up address by clicking on a few buttons. Once they change the address, the route will be updated automatically in the driver app.

Bus Stop Re-Assignment Feature


Change points with simple steps

Parents can easily change the pickup and drop points with simple steps. So, whenever you want to change the location, you won’t have to think twice.

Informative dashboard

You get to see each detail of your child's attendance with help of the simplified dashboard. Moreover, you can even download the data in form of PDF or XLS.

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