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Updates for the month of May!

Buckle up! Because we're here to swoop you with our monthly application updates! Check out the latest additions to the Trakzee . Have a quick read:



1. The "generate link" option 

Share fleet or asset location with the corresponding members of your team using the generate link option. This feature allows you to share precise vehicle locations without the use of any additional APIs. Simply copy the generated link and forward it! 


2. Deleting tire-related information

Now, you'll be able to add as well as delete multiple tire-related entries. You can do this using the tire overview screen as seen below. You'll find the "bulk delete" option at the bottom of this screen. Click on it, select parameters, and that's it! All the selected entries will be removed!


3. Managing historic expenses

Earlier, with Trakzee, users were able to analyze and monitor expenses over the time span of only two months. Now, you'll be able to manage historic expenses for up to a year! Select appropriate time ranges through the filter of the expense reports or the dashboard widget and manage financial details up to a year!


4. Tire axle addition

Earlier, using the tire defining screen, users could add a maximum of 6 tire axles. This month, we changed that to 8 tire axles. We're hoping this change benefits all those users who use Trakzee to manage heavy motor vehicles or trailers. 


5. Improving our daily ("day-wise") distance reports

With the "daywise" report, you can see the distance traveled by your fleets per day. Earlier, it was difficult to provide a rationale for those days that reported zero travel distance. Fleet managers didn't know if the distance was '0' because of:

1. Vehicle Inactivity: A vehicle is inactive when its data doesn't get uploaded on the server for a determined amount of time. 

2. No Trips: It is possible that fleets do not accomplish their daily routes because of reasons like driver absence, servicing day, or an unexpected breakdown.  

Now, you don't have to worry about this ambiguity. We've updated Trakzee so that on days when the distance traveled by any fleet is zero (this is only for active vehicles), you'll see a '0' on the report. But, for inactive vehicles, a blue block (as seen in the figure below) will appear on the report. 


6. Adding, editing, and calibrating objects

Now, users can add, edit, or calibrate sensors from the live-tracking screen itself instead of the object-configuration screen! 


7. The job overview screen

Recognize job types and view their progress from the job overview screen! Users will also be able to edit upcoming jobs and review important job-related details using this screen!


8. Idling status & trip creation

Before, to begin a new trip, drivers were required to turn off their ignition at pre-defined checkpoints. Instead of doing so, drivers can leave their vehicles' ignition on and finish their jobs, as Trakzee now, considers idle vehicles as well for creating new trips.


9. Playback Tooltip

To better user experience, the Trakzee Mobile application has a brand-new playback tooltip. You'll be able to see detailed fleet metrics with its help. 


10. Card view 

The card view in the Trakzee mobile applications is designed to give our users a bird's-eye-view of fleet metrics like idling time, stoppages, distance, speed, alert, and more. Card view is available for the following reports:

        1. Activity                                                     4. Expense

        2. Alert                                                         5. Tire  

        3. Geofence                                                 6. Driver Rating

Users can still access the tabular format of these reports through the view option, found in the top-right corner.

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