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Improve your vehicle’s health with CAN devices

What are CAN devices, and why do they matter? 

If you too are asking yourself these questions, then this webinar is a must-watch for you. 

A CAN bus (also known as Controller Area Network) enables faster communications among the ECU’s (Electronic Control Unit) & eliminates the need for any complex wiring. A modern car may have up to 100 ECUs and CAN devices can transmit signals received from all these ECUs over a single wire!

Simply put, a CAN bus can boost in-fleet communications. Learning about CAN bus opens up a whole new world of data for you that can be used to improve your vehicle’s performance.

5 Reasons why you should watch this webinar on CAN devices. 

1. Lower your costs 

  • Yes! You heard us right! CAN devices can help you lower your vehicle operating costs. With real-time data, you’ll quickly identify vehicle errors and will know how to avoid them.

2. High-Speed Communication

  • CAN bus is fast—way faster than the traditional analog wires. What’s more, is that it allows the transmission of multiple messages simultaneously to all connected devices. 

3. Add Flexibility

  • Adding new devices to the CAN system or setting configurable data limits is simply too easy. CAN bus is quick in identifying in-fleet issues and addressing signal problems.

 4. Improve Error Detection

  • Be the first to know when your engine gets overheated, or your car needs an oil change. The retrieved data from a CAN device can be configured to serve your needs better.

5. Centralization

  • CAN bus provides a single point of communication. All connected ECUs can be diagnosed with CAN, which makes data logging, configuration, and fault detection easy.

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