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Trip through the driver app of SmartBus

Btrack Driver app of SmartBus is an efficient solution for helping the driver. It shows the route, takes attendance, trip schedule and more.

btrack driver app

SmartBus is a well-versed school bus management system used to make school journey safe. It can be used efficiently by parents, school management and bus driver by using Btrack Parent App, Btrack Manager App and Btrack Driver App  respectively. 

In previous blogs about School Bus Management, we had discussed the SmartBus and Parent app. So today we will buckle up our seats and take a trip through Btrack driver app.

A driver is the most responsible person for students’ security on the bus. Beyond safety, he/she is also responsible for taking students from home to school and again school to home on time. So, it’s important to make their work easier.

Driver App is designed with the requirement of driver and bus attended. The app is simple and informative to use. It can be easily downloaded from the Google store or app store. The app can be used both on smartphones and tablets.

To begin the trip you will need to login in the downloaded app with your credentials.

Driver App

The first page appearing on the screen is the Dashboard or Home page of driver page which is the informative part of the driver app. This page shows four important aspects which are:

  • Map
  • Trip Schedule
  • Create Trip
  • Mark Attendance

btrack dashboard


As shown in the above image, it describes the location arrival time with next bus stand route. It will show the detail of the trip. 

The top portion shows the estimated start means the time when you will start the next trip, estimate duration means the time required to complete the trip and estimation end means the time when you will complete the scheduled trip.

Next is the map view which shows the route to the next location. This helps the driver to know the exact location with the shortest route. 

Last part, tells you about the exact number of students to be picked up during the trip. It also informs about the time delay caused in the trip.

Now when you start the trip, the map will show the upcoming routes along with the students to drop or pick up from the next trip.

Trip Schedule

Below the Map, you will see Trip schedule. This helps you know about the trips scheduled for the day. As you click on this a new page will open as shown in the below image.

trip schedule in btrack driver app

Here as you see in the image, you will be able to see days on which the trip needs to be conducted. Then it shows the time you need to follow along with the exact start and end time. It also shows the number of students allocated to your bus on the trip.

Create a trip

Next to Trip scheduled on the Dashboard is Create trip. By clicking on it will take you to a new screen.

create trip in btrack driver app

Here user can create his trip. The map shows the start point of the trip with the green flag. drag the flag to the required start point and then click on Add As Start Point. This will create your Start point.  After this new screen will appear on the screen as shown in the below image.

create trips in btrack driver app

You need to select the next point and click on the Add Point to add the place in your trip. Similarly, follow the steps to add the next location. After this, click on End Point to add the last destination of the trip. 

Mark Attendance

This option is only available during the trip. As a student enters the bus, driver or attendant will be able to take student attendance with the help of the app.

attendance report in btrack driver app

For this is two options are available. First is Manual attendance which can be seen in the above image. You only need to click on pickup to mark the attendance of the student boarded in the bus from the particular location.

Second is QR code scanning.  Here if you want to add the students’ attendance by scanning the QR codes on their ID card. The app also has an in-built QR code for this task.


The driver app is an efficient way to help them complete their task on time. Never forget, if his work is easy, he will be able to take care of the students. So, get the Btrack Driver App for your drivers. Be connected with us for our latest updates.

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