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Field Employee Monitoring with TaskEye

TaskEye gives perfect software solutions to make on-field employee tracking much easier.

If you trust your employees then there is no requirement to ‘track’ them and honestly, this has a very undesirable appearance about it. If you don’t trust them then why are they still employees?

Field staff management is one of the huge problems for the management as well as for the Human resource (HR) department. Despite improvements in the technology, field staff management has got slight help. Automation of field staff employee management can change your business.

It is difficult for a business owner to have an eye on every individual employer of the company. On the other hand, it is very essential to track and monitor the movements of an employer to check the total workflow.

The company has to analyse the work output of the employees by monitoring their activities and how much are they concerned about their jobs.

There is plenty of field staff tracking software available in the market, but here, I've shared one of the best Field staff tracking app for iPhone, Android & web app to track employees' time, watch their location, and make sure that they adhere to their schedules.

Lets me introduce the key to your solution i.e. TaskEye

TaskEye gives perfect software solutions to make on-field management much easier for professionals. Uffizio has the best task management software that allows businesses to manage their processes quickly through a one-stop-solution software.

                                                            taskeye field employee tracking


TaskEye is the best task management system which is the greatest part to enhance your company environment and productivity. Work productivity is the key to progress in any industry. TaskEye provides the possibility to locate the task and to-do list at any time and from anywhere. TaskEye suits your task manager and helps to maintain work in real time. Task management software includes project management, field staff real-time tracking, task status, task summary with notes, images and recordings.

Task notification via SMS notifies you that appropriate task working properly or not. Also, tell when leading process steps, some differences occur, ended milestones, enter and exit from geofence, low battery, reached, depart and passed from POI.

Features of Field Employee Monitoring System

 1. Mobile Dashboard

The dashboard of Taskeye keeps all the assignments in a particular place. You can quickly locate all tasks without wasting a precious time to find it. It further serves to enhance collaboration by share files or documents, feedback, avoid failing work and data, project schedules, live task tracking, team workload calendar and beat to deadlines.

                                                                        taskeye mobile dashboard


2. Task Execution

For a huge organisation, it’s hard to handle all tasks, TaskEye helps you to quickly manage all tasks with decent planning like order the tasks in advance so next day employee immediately reached the allocated field.

                                                                                taskeye task execution


3. Expense

Expense history choice is there to track the travelling investment because the expense management solution is the portion of your business requirements. It serves to a better conversation among both the manager and employee.

                                                                                    taskeye expense

4. Leave Management

TaskEye offers simple to handle employee’s leave which is useful for both employees as well as a manager. An employee can be asked for leave by using a mobile app and same way manager can allow or deny it.

                                                                                         task leave management

5. Web Dashboard

Operating field employees with their everyday task are nevermore a simple job. TaskEye web dashboard created for managers to have an eye on tasks allotted to their employee. It implements key analytics to get an accurate idea of your employee performance. The reviewed expense for a real forecast of your business.

                                                                                taskeye web dashboard

6. Tracking

Real-time Live tracking is not only designed to track your employee, but it also creates for relief the responsibility of your employee. An employee who serves on filed that take a picture or field knowledge in real time and send it to our employee management system. Get the exact position of an employee on the geographic map so there is no any incorrect data will pass by employees.

                                                                                 taskeye tracking


7. Report

Reports can estimate your day-to-day workflow and also examined how much time to use behind the appropriate projects. Also, It serves to increase the performance of the team member and assist to complete the task with a deadline.

                                                                              taskeye report

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