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A Tour Through Parent App

SmartBus helps the parent to ensure the safety of the child. Know each and every tab in BTrack Parent App of SmartBus.

btrack parent app

Parents always try to keep their children safe and help them to get a better life in this world. We also consider school to be the second home of the child and as their security is not at risk. But safety in the school bus still worries parents and school management. So, we came up with SmartBus which is a school bus management system. The system has 3 applications: the School Management App, Driver App, and the Parent App. Refer the blog “SmartBus–The Students’ Travel Caretaker” to know about SmartBus and it’s app in brief. 

Parent App, as its name suggests, is an application that will help the parents to ensure their child’s safety in the school bus. It is user-friendly and at the same time informational. The Parent App is better known as Btrack Parent App on the Google Store and App Store. Download app in your smart-phones or tablets. 

Login the Parent app with your credentials. With this trip begins. Let’s understand each page and feature available here.


As soon as you log in, the dashboard informs you regarding the trip. Here, three different tabs are available which are view on map, timeline and show gallery. The view on map shows the location of the bus on the map. The timeline shows the details of the trip. The show gallery helps to see the activities on the bus. The dashboard helps you to know the real-time location and activities of the bus. It will help you to know about your child’s safety at any time of the trip.


Next to the dashboard is a notification. Here you will be notified regarding the bus activities. It will alert you regarding problems caused during the trip. You will also be reminded when the bus is near your child’s pick up or drop point. The notification helps you to manage your time according to the child’s arrival or departure time. More helps to know when the bus departed for the journey and reached the school. Thus, you are connected to the bus and child all the time.


History helps to see your child’s attendance on the bus. You will see the calendar where you can select the dates for knowing your child’s attendance. Moreover, you will also be able to know the number of holidays taken and trip missed by the child. Thus, you will have the details of your child’s attendance.


  • View your children’s profile and their details in the app. Here you will be able to manage the details of your children going to the same school even if they are travelling on different buses. 
  • You can schedule date along with pickup/ drop point for the school bus. The school management and driver will know on from which date onwards your child has to be picked from/dropped at a particular location. This helps the school to know the location feasible for you.
  • Now set the reminder with time and distance away from your location when you want to be reminded about the bus arrival. 
  • Moreover, helps to get details of the driver along with his name, mobile number, license and school number.


Be with your child during its journey with the SmartBus Parent App. Not only ensures safety but also helps to communicate with the school bus easily. To know about other amazing features be connected with us.

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