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Fleet and equipment monitoring for Healthcare and Pharma Industry

You can increase the efficiency of on-call physicians, healthcare workers, and medical representatives. Using third-party API integration, we help this sector organize everyday tasks, maintain the condition of medical equipment, and manage fleets.

Tools that help you excel


Keep your pharma fleets and medical equipment working at their peaks. Streamline operations and provide cutting-edge health care.

Product Sustenance

Our temperature monitoring system allows the storage and transfer of medicines at precise temperatures.


Tracking expensive health equipment to prevent its theft and misuse.

Regular Servicing

Reduce, or even eliminate, the need for repairs with maintenance schedules.

Process Automation

CRM/ERP integrations help in automating and streamlining operations.


Here's why we stand out from the rest

Nearest Driver Dispatch

Decrease ambulances’ response times by locating drivers which are closest to the crisis. The nearest dispatch function not only decreases response times but also helps with fleet utilization. Deploy ambulances and drivers using the nearest dispatch functionality.

Route Optimization

Shorter, more efficient routes mean more ambulances reach patients in good time. When time equates to life, you need optimized routes. They help ambulances reach patients faster—so medical help can be provided to those who are in dire need.

Maintenance Reminders

Unexpected vehicle breakdowns can hamper transportation. With regular fleet maintenance, you can avoid this. In fact, regularly serviced fleets tend to perform better. Also, with preventative maintenance, you can increase the uptime of your medical equipment like x-ray machines or CT scanners.


Our live-tracking screen can facilitate transparent operations. It gets you precise ambulance locations, provides timely ETAs, and allows you to locate fleets in real-time. Live-tracking screen can help you keep up with the ever-increasing demand for ambulances. It can simplify ambulance dispatching and route planning.

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