AVL Hardware

An Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) is a device that makes use of the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) to enable a business or agency to remotely track the location of its vehicle fleet by using the Internet. This type of vehicle tracking is normally used in the fleet or driver management sector. The unit is configured to automatically transmit its location at a set time interval, e.g. every 5 minutes.

Index Device Manufacturer
1 AM1 Series Alematics Alematics AM1 Series
2 WP-20C Atlanta Systems Pvt Ltd. Atlanta Systems Pvt Ltd. WP-20C
3 C-100 Atlanta Systems Pvt Ltd. Atlanta Systems Pvt Ltd. C-100
4 AS3 ATrack ATrack AS3
5 Bitrek Bitrek Bitrek Bitrek
6 Cargo Light 2 Cargo Ufc Cargo Ufc Cargo Light 2
7 Galileosky v 2.5 Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky v 2.5
8 Galileosky v 4.0 Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky v 4.0
9 Galileosky 7.0 Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky 7.0
10 Galileosky v 2.3 Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky v 2.3
11 Galileosky Base Block Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky Base Block
12 Galileosky v 5.0 Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky v 5.0
13 Galileosky 3G v 5.1 Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky 3G v 5.1
14 Galileosky Boxfinder Galileosky Galileosky Galileosky Boxfinder
15 Geosat Plus Geosat Geosat Geosat Plus
16 Geosat Super Geosat Geosat Geosat Super
17 Geosat Prime Geosat Geosat Geosat Prime
18 G1C Gosafe Gosafe G1C
19 Gosafe G6S Gosafe Gosafe Gosafe G6S
20 G777 Gosafe Gosafe G777
21 Proma Sat 911 Gosafe Gosafe Proma Sat 911
22 Gosafe G91I Gosafe Gosafe Gosafe G91I
23 G71 Gosafe Gosafe G71
24 6C6 Gosafe Gosafe 6C6
25 Proma Sat 1000 Gosafe Gosafe Proma Sat 1000
26 G606 Gosafe Gosafe G606
27 G616 Gosafe Gosafe G616
28 G3C Gosafe Gosafe G3C
29 G626 Gosafe Gosafe G626
30 G3A Gosafe Gosafe G3A
31 G3S Gosafe Gosafe G3S
32 G1S Gosafe Gosafe G1S
33 G91S Gosafe Gosafe G91S
34 TR06 Great-Will Great-Will TR06
35 TR07 Great-Will Great-Will TR07
36 TR08 Great-Will Great-Will TR08
37 TR05 Great-Will Great-Will TR05
38 TS101 iTriangle iTriangle TS101
39 JV03 Jimilabs Jimilabs JV03
40 Ji09 Jimilabs Jimilabs Ji09
41 JV100 Jimilabs Jimilabs JV100
42 JM01 Jimilabs Jimilabs JM01
43 Ji03 Jimilabs Jimilabs Ji03
44 JV200 Jimilabs Jimilabs JV200
45 GMT-368 Megastek Technologies Megastek Technologies GMT-368
46 TC68SG Meitrack Meitrack TC68SG
47 Meitrack T333 Meitrack Meitrack Meitrack T333
48 T622 Meitrack Meitrack T622
49 Meitrack-T366G Meitrack Meitrack Meitrack-T366G
50 MVT600 Meitrack Meitrack MVT600
51 Meitrack T366 Meitrack Meitrack Meitrack T366
52 MVT380 Meitrack Meitrack MVT380
53 Meitrack T1 Meitrack Meitrack Meitrack T1
54 Navi-Track 257 Navika - Navitrack Navika - Navitrack Navi-Track 257
55 Navi-Track Navika - Navitrack Navika - Navitrack Navi-Track
56 ADM100 Neomatica Neomatica ADM100
57 Queclink GMT100 Queclink Queclink Queclink GMT100
58 Queclink GV55 Lite Queclink Queclink Queclink GV55 Lite
59 GV50 Queclink Queclink GV50
60 GV75 Queclink Queclink GV75
61 FM Tco3 Ruptela Ruptela FM Tco3
62 FM Plug4+ Ruptela Ruptela FM Plug4+
63 FM Eco3 Ruptela Ruptela FM Eco3
64 FM Eco4 Light Ruptela Ruptela FM Eco4 Light
65 FM Eco4 Ruptela Ruptela FM Eco4
66 FM Tco4 Ruptela Ruptela FM Tco4
67 BW09 Shenzhen Benway Technology Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Benway Technology Co.,Ltd BW09
68 GPS311 Series Shenzhen Coban Electronics Shenzhen Coban Electronics GPS311 Series
69 GPS102 Shenzhen Coban Electronics Shenzhen Coban Electronics GPS102
70 GPS303-C Shenzhen Coban Electronics Shenzhen Coban Electronics GPS303-C
71 GPS103-B Shenzhen Coban Electronics Shenzhen Coban Electronics GPS103-B
72 X1 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox X1
73 GT08 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT08
74 X3 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox X3
75 GT800 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT800
76 WeTrack2 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox WeTrack2
77 CRX-1 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox CRX-1
78 AT4 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox AT4
79 GT02A Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT02A
80 GT06F Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT06F
81 GT06N Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT06N
82 GT02D Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT02D
83 MT200 (MOPLUS) Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox MT200 (MOPLUS)
84 GT03A Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT03A
85 WeTrack Lite Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox WeTrack Lite
86 GT100 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT100
87 GT06E Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT06E
88 GK309 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GK309
89 GT710 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GT710
90 GV20 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox GV20
91 ET25 Shenzhen Concox Shenzhen Concox ET25
92 VT600 Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co Ltd Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co Ltd VT600
93 VT202 Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co Ltd Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co Ltd VT202
94 VT206 Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co Ltd Shenzhen iStartek Technology Co Ltd VT206
95 SP4600 Skypatrol Skypatrol SP4600
96 TT8750N Plus Skypatrol Skypatrol TT8750N Plus
97 SP2600 Series Skypatrol Skypatrol SP2600 Series
98 SP3600 Skypatrol Skypatrol SP3600
99 SP5600 Series Skypatrol Skypatrol SP5600 Series
100 SP8824 Skypatrol Skypatrol SP8824
101 ST7200 Skypatrol Skypatrol ST7200
102 Suntech ST215 Suntech Suntech Suntech ST215
103 FMB630 Teltonika Teltonika FMB630
104 FMB900 Teltonika Teltonika FMB900
105 FM3101 Teltonika Teltonika FM3101
106 FM2200 Teltonika Teltonika FM2200
107 FM3600 Teltonika Teltonika FM3600
108 FMB120 Teltonika Teltonika FMB120
109 FMA204 Teltonika Teltonika FMA204
110 FM1122 Teltonika Teltonika FM1122
111 FMB202 Teltonika Teltonika FMB202
112 FM3400 Teltonika Teltonika FM3400
113 FM4200 Teltonika Teltonika FM4200
114 FM3620 Teltonika Teltonika FM3620
115 FMB920 Teltonika Teltonika FMB920
116 FMB122 Teltonika Teltonika FMB122
117 FM4100 Teltonika Teltonika FM4100
118 FMB204 Teltonika Teltonika FMB204
119 FM3200 Teltonika Teltonika FM3200
120 FM5300 Teltonika Teltonika FM5300
121 FMB110 Teltonika Teltonika FMB110
122 AT1000 Teltonika Teltonika AT1000
123 FM1100 Teltonika Teltonika FM1100
124 FM1204 Teltonika Teltonika FM1204
125 FM1202 Teltonika Teltonika FM1202
126 FMB122 Teltonika Teltonika FMB122
127 FMB962 Teltonika Teltonika FMB962
128 FMA120 Teltonika Teltonika FMA120
129 FM3612 Teltonika Teltonika FM3612
130 FMB640 Teltonika Teltonika FMB640
131 FM1120 Teltonika Teltonika FM1120
132 FM3622 Teltonika Teltonika FM3622
133 FM1110 Teltonika Teltonika FM1110
134 FMB964 Teltonika Teltonika FMB964
135 FM3300 Teltonika Teltonika FM3300
136 FMB125 Teltonika Teltonika FMB125
137 FMA202 Teltonika Teltonika FMA202
138 AT2000 Teltonika Teltonika AT2000
139 FM1200 Teltonika Teltonika FM1200
140 FMA110 Teltonika Teltonika FMA110
141 FM1125 Teltonika Teltonika FM1125
142 FMT100 Teltonika Teltonika FMT100
143 FM5500 Teltonika Teltonika FM5500
144 Topflytech T8806+R TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. Topflytech T8806+R
145 Topflytech T8808+ TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. Topflytech T8808+
146 Topflytech TLW1-4A/E TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. Topflytech TLW1-4A/E
147 Topflytech T8803+E TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. Topflytech T8803+E
148 Topflytech T8803+ TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. TOPFLYTECH Co., Limited. Topflytech T8803+
149 Totem Tech - AT07 Totem Tech Totem Tech Totem Tech - AT07
150 TK05 VjoyCar VjoyCar TK05
151 FMS500 TACHO Xirgo Global Xirgo Global FMS500 TACHO
152 FMS500 StCAN Xirgo Global Xirgo Global FMS500 StCAN
153 FMS500 Light Xirgo Global Xirgo Global FMS500 Light
154 FMS500 ONE Xirgo Global Xirgo Global FMS500 ONE
155 FMS500 Light+ Xirgo Global Xirgo Global FMS500 Light+