Bitrek BI 520L

Manufacturer: Bitrek

BI 520L TREK is a low-cost vehicle GPS tracker for high-quality positioning and ignition control. The device features configuration and firmware updates via online cloud service, power circuit protection, GSM-signal jamming detection, 1 analog input, 1 digital output, 130 mAh battery, and more.
– The ability to synchronize configuration and firmware via the cloud service.
– Premium power circuit protection.
– Antijamming – GSM signal jamming detector.
– MicroSIM.
– 1 analog input
– 1 digital output
– The budget device provides high-quality tracking and ignition control.
– Battery 130 mAh.
– If the mobile connection is lost, it records and stores 50,000 records, and automatically transfers the accumulated data to the server via GPRS after the connection is restored.
– FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) support – the ability to remotely change settings and firmware of equipment.
– It has an open data transfer protocol and compatibility with all popular software.

BI 520L