Manufacturer: Teltonika

Teltonika FM1000 is a new Vehicle OBD Tracker based on the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety. Objects can be tracked and monitored with GPSWOX Real-Time Tracking System on your Computer, Mobile or Tablet (Apple, Android, Windows)

FM1000 GPS tracker can be plugged into the vehicle with an OBD connector but does not provide the OBD detection function. With the standard OBD II plug, the tracker can be easily installed (takes less than 5min.) It is a perfect choice for all cars.

Name Description
Server Port 5005
Unique ID: imei
Name Description
battery_charge Battery charge
canN CAN specific data
counter1 Fuel Counter

Shows the moment of binding/unbinding a driver:

1 - binding

0 - unbinding

driver_status Garmin driver status

GSM signal strength level 0 (lowest) – 5 (highest)

hdop Horizontal Dilution of Precision
last_driver_status Last Garmin driver status

Value of special I/O property, where N - ID of property

pdop Position Dilution of Precision

Message Priority:

0 - low

1 - high

2 - panic

3 - security

pwr_ext Power supply voltage
pwr_int Battery voltage
vdop Vertical Dilution of Precision
adc Analog digital sensor
adc1 Fuel level from OBD