Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

GT08 is a new Vehicle Tracker based on the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety. This real-time car tracking device gives you up-to-the-minute speed, location updates and detailed reports. It is an invaluable tool for monitoring either a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles.

Name Description
Unique ID:


Server Port


Name Description

Alarm status:

0: normal

1: SOS

2: Power Cut Alarm

3: Vibration Alarm

4: Fence In Alarm

5: Fence Out Alarm

6: Over-speed Alarm

9: Moving Alarm

10: Enter GPS dead zone alarm 

11: Exit GPS dead zone alarm

12: Power on alarm 

13: GPS First fix notice 

14: Low battery alarm 

15: Low battery protection alarm 

16: SIM change notice 

17: Power off alarm 

18: Airplane mode alarm 

19: Disassemble alarm 

20: Door alarm 

21: Shutdown alarm due to low power 

41: Harsh acceletation alarm 

48: Harsh braking alarm 

42: Sharp Left Turn Alarm 

43: Sharp Right Turn Alarm 

44: Sharp Crash Alarm 

50: Pull alarm 

35: fall alarm 

254: ACC On alarm 

255: ACC Off alarm


Alarm status:

0: Normal

1: Shock Alarm

2: Power Cut Alarm

3: Low Battery Alarm

4: SOS


Mobile Country Code


Mobile Network Code


Location Area Code


Cell Tower ID


Voltage degree 0-6:

0: Lowest power and power off

1: No enough power to dial a call or send messages.

2: Low power and alarm

3: Lower power but can work normally

3~6: Work in good condition


GSM signal strength degree