Navi-Track 257

Manufacturer: Navika - Navitrack

Navi-Track 257 is a VTD with built-in GPS-SBAS receiver which provides unmatched performance in terms of sensitivity and TTFF. The GPS and GSM antennas are embedded within the enclosure thereby ensuring tamper–proof operation.

Navi-Track 257 consists of a multi-band GSM / GPRS modem for data communication. The general purpose I/O's of the Navi-Track 256 are conditioned and brought out to serve as digital I/O and analog input. The Navi-Track 257's power supply design is robust enough to handle the vehicle supply variations. It can operate from 7V upto 32V and provide protection against surges, short circuit and reverse battery connection. Navi-Track 257 consists of Li-Ion backup battery for operations when the mains intentionally/ unintentionally disconnected. Navi-Track 257 supports HTTP, TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols for the communication with the server. Over the air firmware upgrade feature helps in upgrading the firmware of the device when the device is live on the field. Navi-Track 257 can be integrated with many accessories such as SOS button, temperature sensor, fuel sensor, RS-232 based active/passive RFID's etc, 2-way voice communication with external mic and speaker interface.

Name Description
Unique ID:


Server Port


Name Description

Type of alert:

1 - Ignition

2 - SOS(if enabled)

3 - Digital I/P 3

4 - Digital I/P 4

5 - Main power disconnection

7 - Over speed

10 - Tampering

11 - Harsh Acceleration

12 - Harsh Braking


Alert Value


Packet type:

1 - Periodic

2 - Alert packet

3 - Distance

4 - Angle


Packet status:

L - live packet

S - stored packet


Distance travelled


GSM signal strength


Battery percentage


Battery charging status:

0 - not charging

1 - charging


Ignition / Digital input1 Status


Analog input1


Fuel value