Proma Sat 1000

Manufacturer: Gosafe

Proma Sat 1000 has a built-in GSM / GPRS modem and GPS position detection module, which allows you to determine the current location of the vehicle with maximum accuracy. The compact size and autonomous power allow you to safely hide the device in the car, without connecting it to the on-board network.

Name Description
Server Port


Unique ID:


Name Description

GSM status:

0: GSM not registered

1: GSM registered


Horizontal Dilution of Precision


Bitwise parameter (0 - No alarm, 1 - alarm):

Bit 1 - Power Off Alarm

Bit 2 - Move Alarm

Bit 3 - Over Speed Alarm

Bit 4 - Jamming Alarm

Bit 5 - Geo‐fence Alarm

Bit 11 - Panic Button Alarm

Bit 14 - Vehicle Battery Low Voltage Alarm

Bit 15 - Engine High Temperature Alarm

Bit 16 - Engine High Speed Alarm